>A thunderstorm of splints – got an award!

>Can you believe it – I got a blog award from Erin of “Dropped stitches”


As this is my first award, I’m happy as a child… :=))
So I’m supposed to tell you a bit of my blogs philosophy (if there is one) and pass the award on to some other blogger of whom I think their blogs have “substance”

I would like to start with my blog name – SPLITTERGEWITTER
It’s a joint venture of two german words that does not really exist in this combination and means
“a thunderstorm of splints”
And that’s what I want my blog to be – an unorganized thunderstorm of splints that come to my mind – incomplete fragments that find their way from my head into my fingers.  I want to write about the big and small things in my life. I want to share what I focus on at this very moment, what I love and hate, what makes me sad and over the moon, what makes me feel weak and lion-hearted strong – and maybe you like it or it makes you smile, sigh, think or lets you heart beat faster for a short moment. That would make me sooo happy!

I started this blog 3 months ago while preparing for a blog I would write at my workplace. The work blog is finished for the moment – but I caught fire – and so I blog on….

Now I would pass on the award to four bloggers I really like A LOT – two ladies and two men.
Why? Because I think they have indeed substance and they are the first blogs I read when coming home from work and they make me happy, sigh, hold my breath, capture my heart and much more…

First one is Emily at “In the hush of the moon” I just love her style of writing, her thoughts, her openness and although she’s miles and miles away, I feel fairly close to her.

Second is Ed at “Ed Pilolla” I fell in love with his words (he writes with a smiling ease and a capturing intensity) when he was “bribing the fireflies”

Third one is Brian at “WaystationOne” You have to read his looooong post about this boy “nobody” – so special and displays his fine-tuned sense for other people’s emotions.

And last but certainly not least, there’s Kristi at “Live and love..out loud” She indeed makes me smile and laugh/love out loud and I just enjoy her dry sense of humor and how she manages to mirror the funny side of life in very ordinary, common situations.


>Lost in your eyes

>Lost in your eyes…
gently wrapped in your calmness
Wonna come closer
to hear/to feel your heart beat
to capture your precious words, whispered to me

Strain fades away like flying smoke
Heavy waves flood my heart with deep assurance
and I want to/need to just let me fall – deeper
Wonna come closer
to feel the touch of your hand
Our plethora of silence – no more words needed
Abundance spreading – covering me
Need to come closer

I’m lost in your eyes
sensations of real and deep emotions, self-sacrificing passion, endless devotion
You hold me close to your heart – I’m save..
I know, I will not fall
Saw my name written on your hands
in deep lines with ink of suffering and affliction
Wonna come closer Jesus
Surrender to your love


>header 150x150

Summer has finally come to Germany…
We missed you so much while learning to cope day by day with a plethora of raindrops, hoping day by day that this would be the last gray and rainy and cloudy day, aching for warm summer sun.

A plethora of cold rain – not warm, soft summer rain which kisses flowers and grass and makes you dance.
A plethora of heavy, frightening, dark-grey clouds – not fluffy, soft summer clouds in which you discover figures and forms and yourself.

Missed to watch the sky, lying on a meadow, forgetting the world, warm rays of sun on my naked skin.
Missed the humming of bees, the scent of flowers – it was so scent-less – this stolen spring weeks.
Missed the twittering of the birds – everything seemed to be so silent – holding its breath – waiting.
Missed riding my bike to work – a plethora of driving around in a closed, heated car – standing in highway traffic jams forever.

But everything has changed now – an abundant, plethoric, exuberant summer – a surplus of summer – a summer, no summerteaser could have prepared us for – started last week and the world has changed…

>The space between competence and effectiveness

>Is there space in between competence and effectiveness
for pleasure, for rays of sun, for a red colored moon, for overwhelming joy, for sparks of romance, for unlimited passion, for sitting in silence without being afraid of it, for thinking thoughts that cross borders, for snapshots of bliss, deep emotions that let me tremble?

Competence and effectiveness are like pillars to me – I hold them dear – but should not. They give me safety and security – they should not. They are the landmarks on my map – they should not. That’s what people see when they look at me – they should not.

I don’t want to get rid of them – but I don’t want them to stand out. I want to fill the space in between them with summerscents and purple rain drops, with blue sky and sun-scorched thinking. I want to fill the space to make it a colorful carpet of feelings, emotions, abundance, plethora, reflection, forgiveness, laughter and joy, love of the game, now-moments, now-thinking, now-living – and I’ll start today

Snapshot of myself – taken by myself – today (glad you can’t see the effectiveness and competence on it…)


>Now she holds it in her hands – her University-entrance diploma (Abitur) – my lady in red – Miri colorful – Miri creative – Miri flower power – Miri romantic – Miri caring for others – Miri booklover – Miri bicycle painter, Miri singer and piano player, Miri seeing what to do, Miri muffins baker… could go on for hours with writing down what is special and what I love about her.

Sitting there, watching this young people getting their certificate – and my daughter one of them made me proud. And it made me wonder how time flew by… Her first day at school – wasn’t it just yesterday when she started to read and write her first words. Now she speaks and writes 4 languages fluent…
Wasn’t it just yesterday when she needed my hand to walk to school her first week? Now she will soon be leaving for Bolivia for a year abroad before she starts to study… Words will never be enough to describe how thankful I am to go along with her this last 19 years. Milestones.

13 years ago – first day at school – Miri on the left-hand side with her friend Louisa 
and in the middle with her maths teacher left-hand and her friend Emily

>And my soul stretched its wings out wide

>When I came home from work today, my daughters were sitting on our terrace, reading and learning for school. The sun was shining and I just joined them, not talking, not disturbing, no questions.
Just sat down on the floor and became a part of their quiet relationship – taking pictures – relaxing in the sun – looking around, enjoying the moment – small things became important – the silence turned into poetry.
My daughter started to read poems to us – conversation just happened. Both daughters started to recite a long poem “Der Handschuh” of Schiller – one verse Miri colorful – one verse Prissi toffifee – me – listening – watching – enjoying – blissful

Prissi toffifee’s feet

a spider’s net
my roses
our favorite poem for today
Translation for the poem above (but well – it’s not the same as in german – this whole poem should sound like the last part “and my soul stretched its wings out wide”..)
Night of the moon
It was as though the sky
had kissed the earth in silence
so that in flower shimmers 
the earth would dream of it

The air went through the fields,
the corn-ears swaying gently

the forests softly swishing
so starlit was the night

And my soul stretched
its wings out wide,
flew through the silent lands
as though it were flying home.

And my soul stretched its wings out wide, knowing that’s my home



You have woven me
not accident, circumstance, fortune – not someone – YOU

You have woven me
not just mixed together like instant soup, not assembled, not in a hurry

You have woven me
slowly, thoughtful, meaningful

You have woven me
with yarns of excellence, talent, character, beauty

You have woven me
You took your time, thread by thread – row by row

by the master

in your image 

by your hand

Personal – Perfect – Individual
no copy – no rip-off- no bulk freight

Before anyone would see me, know me, kiss me, love me, hurt me
YOU knew me and created my inmost being
in the secret place


You created my inmost being
You have woven me in my mothers womb
From Psalm 139

Since I heard this verse today on my way to work,
it works in me, sings in me, gives me a feeling of destiny and purpose and makes me so thankful