>A dark clouds blues

>When I was cycling home from work today and saw the dark clouds in the sky and felt the cool wind blowing, this sad bluesy feeling gripped me and I thought I should write a dark clouds blues.

Key will be B flat – because B alone is sad enough, for in a scale it would deserve to stand before C but actually it’s only No. 7 and flat is always sounding so sad and lost and blue….

From far away you hear this piano chords – very gentle – very few – very soft and – instantly – together with the steady bass – everything feels quiet. Time out. Caught in the moment. 
You start to feel the wind the very moment the drums start to play. It’s a changing wind, that drags at your hair and then stops at the next moment, leaving you startled about the abrupt silence. The moment it stops, the Sax steps in – not wild and sharp but thoughtful, mourning – singing of beach crimson clover, blue skies and purling rivers. It tells the story of a long time waiting for barefoot children playing in the streets, dry flowers in the midday heat and the babble of voices when you walk past a public pool.
Let it drag you to a blue sky place – and – do you hear it? Our blues is not denying the “now” but it’s painting the “to come” before our eyes… 


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