This is how you look when you work with a photoprogram -> photobooth in that case….and have no idea what you are doing….

I was just pressing every button I could find to get myself acquainted with this program – don’t blame me but I do that quite often (I hate to read instructions….)

And then a countdown started – WHAT????
And bling – bling – bling – four pictures were taken – VERY fast

After the first picture (H O R R O R) I was getting what’s going on – and tried to look nice – for the next pics – but did not manage that fast and you see – in the end I could laugh about myself – and had a good deal of fun ;=)


4 responses to “>Snapshots

  1. >I absolutely love those pictures! Fabulous — seriously. Spontaneous and real and perfectly capturing emotions. What a great accident. 🙂