>A perfect relationship


We have a pear tree in our garden – and since we moved into the house, this pear tree was ill. Every year it had brown spots on the leaves and did look very unhealthy.

A few years ago we went to visit a beautiful rose garden and brought back a rambler rose. To pimp up the tree, we planted the rose next to it and it grew and is now filling the whole tree – BEAUTIFUL.

But you know what? Since we have planted this rose next to the pear tree, it’s leaves are all healthy – it has recovered and grows and looks fantastic now.

They seam to enjoy each other and take advantage of each other. The rose is happy to climb on the tree’s branches and the tree enjoys the beautiful rose, giving it some color and snuggle against it’s leaves.

So they are both happy and have the perfect relationship although they are soooo different.

And I enjoy looking at them – so proud, bringing that perfect couple together and thinking about how uneven relationships can turn out so well!


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