>Alea iacta est – the die is cast – die Würfel sind gefallen


Back from the Saxophone workshop I decided I need a metal mouthpiece for my Sax because with my Ebonite Otto Link 6* I sound too tame – in my eyes – for some songs…

Finding a mouthpiece is not an easy task – because it has to sound right – it has to feel right – it has to look right (I’m a woman…)

So I went to my favorite Musicshop in Riehen and Nicole Irman, the owner gave me some to test ’em at home.
Different Brancher mouthpieces, some Otto Link, Meyer and Berg Larsen.
After hours of testing, recording, hearing, feeling – the die is cast – alea iacta est – for the Berg Larsen.
It looks right – stainless steel, sounds right, feels right – and I’m happy :=)
When I went to pay it today, Nicole said it may be not my last one – she has 20 different mouthpieces…..


One response to “>Alea iacta est – the die is cast – die Würfel sind gefallen

  1. >Maybe you need a new one when your mood changes?What sounds right today might sound different tomorrow, what feels right might feel wrong the next day, what looks right might look strange. I think it's good that Nicole has some 20 plus mouthpieces to pick from – isn't variety the spice of life? – Takki