>Quiet places


I love to have quiet places in my daily routine.
Not long ago I was doing a test and one question was if I get my energy from being with people or from being alone. I know lots of people who get their energy from meeting, discussing and seeing other people. It inspires them and their energy level is getting higher and higher.
I think it’s nice if you are knitted this way. It’s like putting an i-pod into a docking station to load it and at the same time listen to the music.
But (unfortunately) that’s not the way I am. 
I need quiet places, time on my own, times just with myself and God. Time to think about the big and small things in my life. Time to walk around on my own, reflecting and considering various aspects and different conditions, facts, people, data, circumstances…
Don’t get me wrong – I love people and I enjoy to meet people – in my job for example I meet lots of people from different nations and cultures – and I really like it VERY much and enjoy it a lot – but then I need my island again for a while…
What’s your island, where do you get your energy from? I would be really very, very interested in your feedback.
By the way – I took this pic today on my daughter’s balcony – she loves to be creative and painted the chair. I think it looks very idyllic.

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  1. >Thanks for stopping by Claudia. Turns out you made my day! Glad my crazy post made you smile. Stop by anytime and keep smiling. A smile is so contagious, so beautiful and so La-Dee-da!