>Pentecost offroad


We had a very different pentecost church service this year….
Off we went into the forest – unravelling some riddles on the way to a barbecue – singing songs and hearing about what happened on pentecost 2000 years ago.

It’s about bringing something to an end and start something new.
For Jesus disciples it was a big shock when Jesus finally left on ascension day – and they felt a bit uneasy, not really knowing what to do and where to go.

But then came pentecost and with it the holy spirit – and with it power and boldness.

So now it was their time to think about what they have learned during the last 3 years and start to do the work they were prepared for.
And as we all know – off they went into all the world –  audacious – lion-hearted – preaching the good news followed by signs and wonders.

On the pic, you can see Eugen, our pastor preaching – NOT to the trees, but to us….


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