>Forget the world while grooving


After attending a Sax workshop with Bastian Fiebig last week, I was so glad I had a one week vacation afterwards to put into practice lots of the things, Bastian was teaching us.

We were working on rhythm, timing, sound, scales, bending, growling and had lots of fun, improvising and trying to find the right tones, the right scales, the right groove – yeah!

It was a valuable time with a group of friendly and interesting people and Bastian as a teacher, musician, entertainer and wine expert…

And somehow, I think what Bastian was teaching us, will take me to the next level.

So I was practicing for hours and hours, always his remarks in my ear, always checking the timing with my metronome and the tones with my tuner – working hard on different scales, but had also lots and lots of exciting times, improvising and forgetting the world around me while playing.


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