>First I have to say: I love my work in customer management – I really do!

  • I meet the most interesting people
  • I love organizing
  • I have a boss who guides me on the long line. He’s always there when needed but is no control freak – and he’s always open for all kind of “innovative” ideas that come to my mind.
  • I have the best colleagues ever! When I walk through our Department or meet people on the floor or in the canteen during lunch – I think “I really like them – it’s nice to know them – it’s nice to work with them.”
  • …..

So this is why I like my work – I think it’s a great privilege when you can do what you like to do.

BUT I also love vacation of course – and ahead of me is now – 1,5 weeks off-time, free time, time to dream, time to do some sports, time to spend with my family, time to relax, to read, to try new things, to be creative, to cook, to …clean…., to BE.
And of course – to play Saxophone – I LOVE my Sax and tomorrow I will take the train and have a four day Saxophone workshop with a teacher I don’t know and lots of other people I don’t know and lots of new songs I don’t know – I like that – time to develop, time to improvise, time to play!


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