>Things that influenced me – part I – Pippi Langstrumpf

>You are influenced by lots of different things – good things and bad things – funny and very serious things. And altogether it makes you to the someone, you are – very special – very individual – very precious.

This thought came to me when reading sth. about Pippi Langstrumpf, just a few minutes ago. This special, self-confident, independent and unadapted girl with lots of funny ideas and with no fear at all.
Even when I think, she wasn’t my No. 1 influence, I know she HAD an influence – maybe a quite small one, maybe a bigger one – I can’t tell, but I know for sure that when I was a child, I just loved her.

I liked her funny ideas, I wanted to be as independent as she was and knew deep down in my heart, I’m not at all like her. I would not have wanted to live alone in a house (although I would love to live in a house like hers – but still not alone) and I always liked to go to school (even in times I had lots of trouble in school)…and I don’t like monkeys

So – Pippi Langstrumpf is very different from me – but still – here’s what I like most about her and what I try to put into practice – she was always happy, she was always flexible, she always knew what to do, she always knew what she wanted (and what she did NOT want), she was strong, she was fearless, she was creative, she was surprising – and – by the way – she has the most beautiful freckles;=)


3 responses to “>Things that influenced me – part I – Pippi Langstrumpf

  1. >Ohhhhhh I loved Pippi Longstocking (that's what we called her). I watched her movies over and over and over. It was quite sad that she lived alone but she was so creative and strong. You just brought me back to my childhood. Thank you!!!