>On Jazz and Classics

>So – I’m no expert at all – but I like both – Classic and Jazz music.
If I hear classic, it is like listening to someone, telling a story – a funny one or a sad one. I like it when the instruments are talking to each other and every instrument finds its place. I love listening to the violins – just love the sound, the tragic, the melancholy, the sweetness. I love when the music starts slow and low and then begins to build up and heads for a big finale – dramatic *sigh*

But more than classic, I like Jazz. That’s the music I hear when driving back home from work in the evening. It helps me relax – it helps me get things out of my head – it makes me feel like the hero of the highway and it touches my soul – true
I don’t like it if there are too many tones in too short time – I prefer the smooth Jazz with a Saxplayer that carries you away, makes you feel light and easy and leaves you lost and rapt in music and sound…


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