>The big and exciting parts of our lives

>Our life does not include only big and exciting parts – most of the time, it’s just everyday life, very average, very normal, very common. But it’s the everyday stuff that makes the big and exciting parts so big and exciting.

It’s like improvising in music – you have the Pentatonic scale – which is the big and rare thing and then you fill it with very average, everyday chromatic tone material.
That makes your Penta scale look good and special!

Only Penta – no – only chromatics – no – only big and exciting moments – no – only average, everyday moments – no!
We need all of them!!


One response to “>The big and exciting parts of our lives

  1. >Love the analogy to music – I very much understand!! How is it, I still wonder, that new music can still be created from the same notes that everyone else has already used? And poems still written from words already printed?Such is the wonder of life and I agree, we do need all of them.