>On Saxophone and horror chords

>Saxophone Selma and I were a good team today (Sax Workshop in Basel) – fighting both hard on Pentatonic, Chromatics, II-V connections (Ralph tried hard to explain – but I think I did not get it fully….) – songs with 5 sharp and strange chords – like F#MI7(b5) – I mean – alone by looking at a chord like F#MI7(b5) a certain feeling of horror is creeping up my back…

Despite the strange things we’re doing ;=))  I love to attend this Workshop…. ;=)
I’m the Newcomer – least experienced, fewest knowledge – but trying to keep up and work hard to diminish the gap (we have lots of diminished chords already…)

Ralph, our teacher is doing a great job by trying to reduce this different levels (with me at the bottom of the scale…) to a common denominator – and most of the time he’s successful.
And by the way – lots of nice people around – Sax players seem to be a relaxed type of people – I like that – I’m not that relaxed….but as I said before – I’m a newcomer…

So lots of excitement today, brain twisting exercises,  B I G  challenge – what would you want more….?


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