>On music and passion


I love music – ever have
I love to hear music and I love to make music
I love to sing – all day long – at work if no one is around – or at home – no 
matter who’s around

Music helps me to gain courage when I’m afraid
It helps me to brighten up my day when it’s stupid and boring
And it’s a channel for me to express my feelings and my mood

I’m playing 3 instruments – Piano, Guitar and Saxophone – none of them very 
good – but  I just love to play

Music in the bible is a big theme – the musicians were the first in the row when 
it came to march against the enemy and David played for Saul to sooth his soul.
When the people of Israel crossed the red sea, Miriam led them in singing and 
dancing – I would have loved to celebrate with them..

“Die Musik drückt das aus, was nicht gesagt werden kann und worüber zu 
schweigen unmöglich ist” (Victor Hugo)
Take some time and watch Benjamin Zander talking about music and passion


One response to “>On music and passion

  1. >Good?? Keep playing. Besides, we are our own worst critic and let us not discount the fact that playing an instrument is very, very hard. Didn't understand Hugo's quote, but for you to include it – it must have been worthy of reading.