>Knowledge and sparkling eyes

>Lovely spot on my bike-way home…can see the Muenster and hear the
sound of the river flowing right beneath.
It looks like it may start to rain – hope I won’t get wet.
Today I got the nice compliment that I was doing a guided tour for a
customer with knowledge and sparkling eyes (sounds sooo nice – I was
reading that mail 100 times today….)
I like the combination of Knowledge and passion. Both without each
other lack sth. important (passion and knowledge of course… ;-)))
If you would ask me, I would not say that I’m a passionate person
but if I have a closer look I may find things in my life I can get
quite passionate about.
Knigge once said that without passion that fills your heart with a
certain warmth you can never manage to create a really good thing.
I think he’s right – and will now ride my bike back home with
sparkling eyes (and lots of knowledge…)


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