around the year 1200 or//under the linden trees//no wait–

“i fought this dragon–” he says,
trash cans in his voice&
sweat dripping from forehead to nose,
pearls down his chest,
a gem-ornated sword limp by his side
& thousand more wait at the door
outside the forest

concrete chunks between their toes
torn power poles–
the scent of slow decay

his eyes are sharp still, blood-smeared, whetted knives
and those that look at him turn blind

“you really wanna read that book?” he says
“i dunno”
“is it for the sex scenes?”
“it is for the story”
i drink fennel tea, that’s just how far my
vices go//

“&have you ever loved?” he asks
“like kriemhild loved you?
“you know you’re gonna die– right?”

for a moment i can see him,
outside legend
stripped bare of his magic cape
outside myself–

“if getting up at 5 is superhuman power, i–“
and all the question marks start somewhere

at a bend//or just before — one
can you tell?

“fear for your life?”
“we know how the story ends, right?”

&he bows
with a big smile
on his lips


at dVerse today, Abhra has us bring myths and legends alive again and mix them into our present time… i chose siegfried the dragon slayer for my piece…pub doors open at 3pm EST…

don’t let the weather dictate your journey//just saying–

two bears
from bubblegum
said “let’s explore the world!
from Asia into Scotland &
from everywhere to everywhere” so yeah
they had big fun, crossing the globe
in a marshmallow boat
with chocolate sails
pierced ears
the monkeys mock—
“ooooh, what a waste of time!
they should’ve knitted scarves&gloves
for when sir winter throws his kilt upon
the world it will be cruelsome cold
and in their bubble coat
they will freeze stiff
the bears build huge
pink gyroplanes with snow
flakes as their rotor blade&in
the air they swing with felty chest hair curl-
ing funny in the wind&sing
an easy song i can’t
translate //instead//
just sing
along ;-)


smiles… ok i had a bit fun with this one… gay challenges us to write to a form that she invented… more at 3pm EST when the dVerse pub doors swing open…

i thought i had the time to read a book last week

image by Brooke Shaden

image by Brooke Shaden


“the birth of snow
goes never easy” she says,
time squished tight//against her hip
an oil lamp–

i wore my heels and a black negligée
with roses stitched all over it
for hubs’ return
after 12 hours driving over austrian mountain passes

“snow on top of them//blue sky//so beautiful”
he’s breathless
&night leans full breasts towards our silhouettes
as we sit bent
over the kitchen table, maps&flyers spread

“the walls have cracks” i say,
we’re outside
in the wilderness
&i wear wollen overknees //for the contrast

“you’re cold?”
“i’m good” i smile, brushing chunks of autumn from my hair
into the night’s //embrace
&snowflakes on his face, he asks “you had a good week?”
“yeah– despite the chopping boards that molded in the dishwasher”
“i don’t believe it”
“they looked nice//and colorful” i laugh,
pouring a cup of tea

&dim the lamp
&shake the snow– to featherbeds

“it is a stable probably” i say
“with cow and donkey in the corner”

really// you can’t see it


&i’m a watchman// shepherd,
breathing apple scent with full, red lips
kick my heels into a corner
but keep
the woolen stockings on


at dVerse, We’re writing to the artwork of Brooke Shaden today… join us when the pub doors open at 3pm EST..

let’s call him seven//teen

he was three lines,
dark shiny hair
and inksvy drenched
dreamed rhymes beyond–

of groWTh

into an ode, sestina, rondelet
with a black cap//a bear
&shades, of rap//bebop//hip-hop
in torn jeans, on a trash-can ride
toward the uniVerse //& back,

a love song//soFt-
est half-beat, french ballade
nocturne, pleiades,
in countless metric units

on the frog’s cool back
he jumPs
with basho breathing down his neck
&floating in the wet–

5-7-5 expanding ripples
on a pond//
the big red sun in a white dress
singing the sound of change


alright– tony wants us to write nonsense poetry at dverse today, which i can tell you is no nonsense at all… doors open at 3pm EST– up for a challenge? grab your pen and see you at 3pm EST

the weird intimacy of tires, pressing rubberlips onto the road//&where this journey starts

trier, marketplace

trier, marketplace


the market place shines yellow
in the half-dark
“loving those street lights–”  i say
&my daughter smiles
“the city gate impressed me more
than the leaning tower of pisa”

&we carry
bits and pieces of our breath
under our coats
the night wind
“so tomorrow you’ll collect your bike?” i ask
“check out the university?”

we drove here on jammed streets,
passing Strasbourg
“never made it back there” i say
cappuccino in a rest-stop on the highway
&the rain pours beats
we don’t know

the beauty about traveling
is in its essence, smell, the rub of tires on a road,
&marks we leave
as we move on
it’s in the small things, in the way the light leans carefully
against her cheeks

in a turkish snack bar
we eat lahmacun and yoghourt sauce drips down my arms
into our drinking in
the city’s fragrance,

small bumps//curves of cobblestone,
throw sepia shades
as we walk to her new flat
that she shares
with a future lawyer&a girl with angel hair,

“it smells of change” i say
to the old roman city gate, built in the year180 after Christ
“it shrunk 4 meters since then,
one day you will too mom& i’m taller then”
we link arms,
and on my back i feel the Porta Nigra winking//

with soft, charcoal sparkling eyes



Gabriella has us write travel poetry at dVerse today… doors open at 3pm EST..

why i do what i do//although the bumps along the margins wear me down somedays


enveloped in a haze //n-butyl acetate
i spraypaint letters on the bridge’s grey//crackling forehead
cars and trains rumble across,
a little boy fogs up the pane
his nose a flat peach on its sunlight-glistening surface

a guy in a blue raincoat says
“it’s never permanent–
someone else will come and brush thick layers over it”

that doesn’t mean i’m gone
yet i get cold a bit
it’s dangerous //CAPS&
concrete skeletons lean heavy in the breeze

“and why use words that no one understands”
they’re all in a hurry
heavy bags//chocolate chips against autumn’s first chill,
a dotted dog pee-marks his territory
“they could google it, i mean–”
“they won’t”

he lights a cigarette
a thousand magnifying glasses shimmer in his beard
i want to run my hand
across the secret that sits hidden in the crevice of his lips
as color-rivulets run down the wall, legs,
puddle at my toes,
they’re penciled  red still,
a bit damaged though

“what makes you get up on this scaffold?”

“the way the wind whips spraypaint on my skin”

“that’s it?”

“i think”

his lips are dry a bit
as we sit by the highway
on an island, cyclones spitting froth across the waves

“if that is gone, i’ll stop”
“i know”
&we throw flat stones, skipping on the lake’s unbroken surface


“following through a metaphor” is karin’s theme at dVerse tonite… doors open at 3pm EST

on the Fringe’s seam//

the night is bumpy,
frayed out on the edges
i trace with sleepy fingertips
juggling a teacup
on my knees

“you should go to bed” my daughter says
“cuz you don’t sleep enough”

“i will– in a few minutes”

van Gogh said for him the night holds much more color than the day
i let my hands run close along its seam
extract the half-dark on my tastebuds

finally we talked about that night in Edinburgh
when i submersed in the crowd
ignoring all his messages
and let the city swallow me//alive
a small pub, bathed in yellow street lights

“at least there’s hope now” i say to a friend the next day in a café near st. giles
my freezing bones dug deep into the city’s bustling web,
the writers that we met
“i didn’t know Sir Arthur Connan Doyle lived here”

“that’s why we call it upper case” he points to the CAPS on the rack above the letterpress
“that’s awesome” &how things make sense i think
considering their background

“mom, it’s almost midnite– go to bed”
“i’m talking to van Gogh”

“thanks again–
for showing us around&”

i put my teacup in the sink//

“good night sherlock holmes
sleep well harry potter&i’m sorry mr. jekyll
things turned out for you like that”

with a soft cliCk cut the light
&let the night// devour me



bill webb is guest-posting over at dVerse today and in his “nod to Rilke” has us write in a humble and sincere way either about the things around us or find like Rilke inspiration in A. Rodin’s sculptures and write about one of them in the same way…