>tcha – boom
drum lines pace
my veins

like speed trains lick
my legs
with flowing
cha – dum
earplugged they
through my brain
send shots of
electricity spine

dash – boom
hotwire my
i forget
who i am
to go
in rhythm
in a
drum pattern ocean

exactly one year ago i started to learn drums – and loved it..
but being convinced it’s too much to practise saxophone AND drums and hubby refusing to let me place a drum kit in our bedroom (he says it’s enough to share me with my sax..) i gave up on it…at least… for the moment…

what can you say in exactly 55 words – jump over to g-man’s friday flash 55 to join in or read more

>play me

>i want you
to play
but first
know what
you are
with i want to
into have
strings so
play me in the
way touch
me soft 
as i
like to
touched skillful
whole with
respect i
to feel you
play and your
lips and
hands at all
places tongue
kissed at
what feels
play with
me skillful
bold versed and
me long
you don’t
me sound a
way i am
build for
you know
range and
room is
for sub-
and over the
and bound
less so do
melt in
to me
slowly come
you want and
how to get
me and
sing and
me i

Written for One Shot Wednesday and  Emily’s Imperfect prose on thursdays


>i sat in silence and watched flakes like snow….


                  slowly tumbling
         in circles of light
as they started to melt on bare skin
              i closed my eyes
                        to feel their light touch
      like butterfly’s wings
               like god’s breath
                         like eternity bowing down
                                    to kiss
     and melt a way through skin to heart
               wettening dusty paths to flood the depths
                              of a weary soul
  with gentle freshness

i sat in silence and with the flakes i slowly
       m   e   l          

until nothing was left to keep back
                 the tears

first sunday at a new church

>a blue balloon

>You danced across the street – half flying – half rolling
and you looked blue and lightweight and forlorn.
You should be somewhere else – at a children’s
birthday party to absorb the laughter of an afternoon in
the garden and inhale the scent of sweat, orange juice,
excitement and friendship

You should sprint at a boy’s hand, run along the
beach and deep into a forest, be whatever his fantasy
tells you to be – Robin Hood, a proud stallion or a
mighty warrior – ready to fight side by side

You should be tied to a little girl’s bed, watch her
cheeks get warm and rosy and her hair curl like a
smooth frame around her sleepy face

You should fly away, explore the top of the mountains,
dance with the birds, reach for the universe and gaze
down on blue lakes and picturesque towns like a king,
admiring his kingdom.

But instead you are here, dragged by the wind across
a grey city street in thick morning darkness
And as i bike along, i hear a bang – the car driver
didn’t see or didn’t care – or both.

And my heartbeat stopped for a second – and my mouth
was dry – it hurt like it was me that got run down by
some careless foreigner’s car – a ghostrider in the darkness
on some lonely path.

And for a moment i felt stupid about caring that much
for a blue balloon.

>she left

>i left in the morning
in a black business suit
and never returned.
you were waiting desperately
for the woman you once married
to share your life and struggles
but missed to tell her.
we hurt each other badly
& the more you urged,
the more i withdrew
& when i came back late 
i wasn’t much more
than a stranger
for years

That was 7 years ago when i started to work again. My life changed, i changed, i was successful, i loved my work, i met lots of people and we didn’t manage to talk about the changes and what we expected from each other. Hubby was jealous, but played it down and i was mad because of his lack of support. 
We have survived, but it was a hard time and i hate to look back, but due to an event in our church tonight where i will talk about this time of change, i was forced to look back – and i’m so glad that – in the end – we made it.

looks like you can say a lot in just 55 words – written for g-man’s friday flash 55

>the ride

>i gave you a lift on my windscreen,
uninvited. you just jumped on when i
was waiting for the traffic light to get green

and as i drove you across swiss highways
vulnerable and exposed to the wind and the
rain, that hit the screen. i didn’t turn on the
wipers – your fragile look made me wanna
protect you

and i wondered if you’d make it
(the swiss police wouldn’t accept
a grasshopper as an excuse for a
stop on the hard shoulder..)
but when i arrived at my workplace
you were still there, still moving, still
alive… and you waved good-bye with
your antennae… and disappeared…

would’ve loved if you had also joined
me at my desk… to make my day
a bit greener…

I’m linking up today with Emily’s Imperfect prose on thursdays  – jump over and have a look what others were writing..


>”You behave like a stripper dear Lady”
“I know” she said “that’s my nature”
“Let me dance for you in garments, soaked with colors of the earth
intriguing red, lustrous orange, mossy green and soulful brown.”
“You sound bluesy Ma’am”
“Of course – it’s a season of change”
“Watch me dance and transform before your eyes and I promise,
you won’t get bored when – piece by piece – my garments will fall
while the wind gets colder and the color of the sky darkens.”
So she danced and I fell in love when she revealed herself to me
and made me drunk with her striking colors 
and stripped me off my mind with her sensual appearance.
And my longing for her grew with every single pirouette
but I knew, she wouldn’t stay..
“Watch me dance” she smiled “when my garments slide down with the wind
and cover the earth with memories of hot summer days and lingering flower scents
before the world turns grey and I will stand naked – and my dance will freeze.
You may feel sad, but I can’t dance forever”
“Will you be back?” I asked
She smiled and her hazel eyes reflected the golden glimmering sunlight
“Don’t be afraid” she said “let go – and enjoy!”

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>afternoon dream

>wrapped in warm autumn sun, i fell asleep on my terrace
and you were there to pick me up as soon as i’ve closed my
eyes – unconscious if still awake or dreaming already i gave
in and let me drag along on an autumn leaf boat that swung
high into the air.
you met me in the tree on high mountains and there was
no need to be afraid.
you showed me the treasuries of snow and hail, you’ve
stored for the battles, that are still to be won – and your face
was serious and loving.
we were riding through battle fields when the wind blew and
the rain fell and blood mingled with wet soil and colored leaves,
that covered the ground – they all fell and i couldn’t save them.
when you wiped away my tears, i felt your love fill the
place – and you said it’s not my battle we’re in but yours and
i knew you were right – and i saw you fighting with the blood
you shed.
my heart was beating loud with fear and the pace of the war
drums – and i never felt as helpless and weak – and i never felt
as protected and loved because you didn’t leave me out of your
sight for one single second – and you had a lion’s eyes and a lion’s
heart. when you took me out of the battle field and brought me
to your nest on top of the highest rock i’ve ever seen, i was
shaking with fear and you spread out your wings to protect me
and i felt your heart beat close to mine. and when the shadows
grew longer and the winds blew cold, your love was my sun
and your wings were my shield and what i’ve seen in your eyes
was a love i would never deserve and still, you are pouring it
out on me with every single sun ray.
when i woke up, the sun was gone and the shadows had reached
the place where i sat – but something deeper had touched my soul
…with eagles’s wings.

>the castle

>don’t need it as often as i used to
but still – there are castle times.
times when i feel thin, weak and
stretched and don’t want to be
touched, don’t want to feel something
and don’t want to talk to someone, when
access is denied for all user groups
no password is working, connection
interrupted, when i have hundreds
of questions and not one single answer
when i draw back, when i can’t see the
colors and my world turns to black and
grey, when the joy has gone
somewhere – but no matter how hard i
try, i can’t grab it – can’t feel it – can’t
find it. that’s when it’s getting cold and
the sun is not bright enough,  not warm
enough, when i need a place to rest – but
i’m so restless – a place to lie down, when
i need huge walls around to protect
me, to sort things out, to feel my own
heartbeat and recognize your voice again.
the moat around this castle is deep
and it takes someone brave to cross
and it’s risky to come close.
maybe i will wait with open arms
or i’ll feed you to the crocodiles and
watch you drown without showing
emotions. you have to be a good
swimmer to survive – cause even if
i would – i could not save you – the
gates are just too high – and the walls
have closed in on me.